Educanet brings you the new features of educational management and collaboration.
Educanet offers friendly and reliable digital work spaces.
Follow the news on your personal space!

They trusted us ...and you?

Educanet devotes a great importance to the success of your children through a simple, efficient and robust platform that ensures research, sharing and collaboration ...

Manage, monitor and control platform. Inform families, students and teachers of all the ads related to them.

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Consult their marks, their absences and timetable changes ...

Follow the education of their children more regularly:
Homework (& tests), correspondence, notes, assessments, absences...

Upload marks, assessments, observations ...
at any time and wherever they are


You can work with all parts of the institution immediately, easily and seamlessly.


The platform Educanet is designed to operate at a high level in terms of safety


Educanet is able to handle large data while guaranteeing a high level of flexibility