Educanet is not only a system of data management, but our user-friendly features are innovative solutions to improve and meet the interactions managers, teachers , students and parents to ensure optimal monitoring of weekly teaching activities. You can work with all parts of the institution immediately, easily and seamlessly.


The Educanet platform is designed to operate at a high level in terms of security , in fact, its reliable architecture is carried out in a manner that ensures a strict access to information:

    Secure access:

    Each user is identified and authenticated in a unique way. The Control of user access is provided on a permanent basis. In case of loss of access or intrusion detection , the test and control service of Educanet (24 /24, 7 /7) intervenes to address these cases and regenerates a new setting .

    Planned saving :

    Your data is properly saved, durable and persistent. Only the person concerned has the right to access personal information. Our hosting servers ensure operation without stopping. Indeed, we deploy two layers of backup servers , a first interface layer for rapid response and a second layer which intervenes in case of failure.

    Easy to restore :

    An automatic backup system keeps track of changes done to the database. Updates are made in real time (immediately ) . In case of problems our backup system provides instant data recovery.

    Technical assistance 24/24:

    Technical assistance of Educanet works 24/24 , 7/7 . A unique number receives all claims and demands:
    Sales Assistant: (+ 216) 99 15 09 03
    You can contact the same service by email on: and
    To enrich your knowledge about Educanet’s platform or receiving training, you can contact us on ou
    Other resources of HELP are available on our website.


    The Educanet platform is capable of handling a large data increasingly growing while ensuring a high level of flexibility: millions of updates can be performed without feeling the slightest slowing on the system.On the other hand , the educanet platform is designed to manage all type of schools : from primary schools to universities.


For administrative and educational management, the platform educanet proves unavoidable. All your work is done online. One platform for all types of stakeholders: Administrator, administration’s assistant, teacher, student and parent. In addition, it is available in several languages. The educanet platform is designed to manage all type of schools : from primary schools to universities.

Access to the various modules (absences, notes, sanctions, invoicing ...) can be set by the institution according to the user's profile (students, parents, teachers). The institutions news are displayed depending on classes and groups of students.

Your personal information belongs to you, Educanet promises complete confidentiality of your information. Only the user himself can remove or change its own information. Educanet provides highly secure access.